Rebecca Coffin Anderson and I are pleased to announce that we will be presenting a guest artist solo exhibit at the Waverly Street Gallery in September of 2019. More event details to follow. 

The Waverly Street Gallery is one of the oldest fine art Galleries in the Washington D.C. Metro area. The Gallery features contemporary visual artists working in a wide range of media. Gallery artists include painters, printmakers, sculptors, ceramic artists, glass artists, photographers and jewelers. Monthly exhibitions showcase original artwork in many genres including representational, impressionistic and abstract art.

The focus of our show will be "Line of Sight": the direction in which a person must look in order to see a particular object. The conjunction of ceramic and watercolor works will explore the interplay between proximity and distance. Jennifer’s ceramic elements will bring to the fore the detail, texture, and form that we experience when we engage in landscape. Rebecca’s watercolor paintings will layer the effects of distance and proximity with the sense of atmosphere and space.

Both of the elements will foster what Robert MacFarlane describes, in his book Wild Places, as correspondence. “There is no mystery in [the] association of woods and other worlds, for as anyone who has walked the woods knows, they are places of correspondence, of call and answer. Visual affinities of color, relief and texture abound. A fallen branch echoes the deltoid form of a stream bed into which it has come to rest. Chrome yellow autumn elm leaves find their color rhyme in the eye-ring of the blackbird. Different aspects of the forest link unexpectedly with each other, and so it is that within the stories, different times and worlds can be joined.”

We hope too, that the firm earthiness of the clay bodies and the fluidity of the watercolors will compliment each other in their differences--each drawing the other's essential characteristics forward by contrast.

In January of 2019 I will be showing at Scope Gallery. The show starts on Monday, December 31 and continues until January 27th. The gallery is open from 10 am-6 pm daily. Thursdays the gallery is open until 9pm.

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